Let's take you on a great journey through Louby Lou's past!

From the age of 6 I have been immersed in world of children's entertainment. My dad Arnold aka Trumble The Clown, was touring and gigging across the country, often taking me with him as his helper and apprentice clown.

I knew from the first party I went to with him, this was my calling and what I wanted to do! It wasn't long before the bug turned into a job, and I was accompanying my dad to his parties as Louby Lou and so started my clowning journey.

This is an image depicting Louby Lou the Children’s Entertainer during her childhood, another child and her father - all dressed as clowns with heavy colourful makeup and flashy outfits. There is a green parrot in her father's hands.

I started gigging solo at the age of 18, starting with small parties and events in my local town, but soon grew to bigger performances on grander stages.

However, I've always stayed grounded and love parties of any size, as it doesn't matter to me how big the crowd is, as long as their is magic and laughter.

This is an image showing Louby Lou the Children’s Entertainer in her clown attire holding a large animal puppet.

I am very proud of the journey I have taken and so grateful to my dad for his knowledge and support, as well as that of my amazing husband Stu and my gorgeous 3 girls... who knows, maybe one of them will be a third generation clown?

From the birth of Louby Lou to now, I have always put the joy of the audience first, building on my skills, adding new elements to my shows and taking advice, guidance and feedback to continually put on the best entertainment for my audience.

An image portraying Louby Lou the kids’ party entertainer and her family - her husband, three daughters and family pet dog in the garden at her daughter’s home birthday party.


As well as experience and heritage, each show is personalised and tailored to your needs.

Whether you want magic and music or silly stuff, Louby Lou offers the best in live entertainment for any party.

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