Parents Guide to a great party!

Please read Louby Lou’s top tips to make your party stress free for everyone!

Choose the right sized venue.

Hang Balloons outside the venue so everyone knows where the party is.
Limit the amount of parents staying, as parents chatting can get very noisy and it distracts 
the children. I know for the under 5’s parents like to stay with there child. 
If parents do leave there child, just take a mobile number off them just in case.

Children are best sitting on the floor with just enough chairs for parents to sit on around 
where i will be performing.

I will require a power point, a table and one chair.

If having balloons, PLEASE put them on ribbon or attach to the walls. 
If they are scattered on the floor children get distracted, they pop and this un nerves the children.

Having name stickers is always a good idea, which Louby Lou can hand out for you at the beginning of the party.

Attach a Balloon or Ribbon to the birthday child’s chair so they know where to sit whilst having party food.

Have a camera or video recorder ready.

And most important just enjoy 
and capture all them special moments!