Louby Lou as performed in thousands of venues up and down the Country.

She can adapt her show to suit anything, She as Preformed on the Big Stage at the Trafford Centre for Hundreds of People to then entertaining a handful of littles ones in someones back garden.

Its important to get the right place for your party. Louby Lou loves Home and Garden parties, it as a nice relaxed atmosphere! But this is sometimes not possible!

Hotels and Clubs are great for parties, they have lots of facilities to offer like good parking, catering, bar optional, plenty tables and chairs, curtains which is important if your having the disco!! All these things take stress out of the party!

Then there is lots of village halls around, which normally have very good rates and facilities, kitchen, tables and chairs etc,,

Also try and get the right size hall for the number of people, big is not always the best, as it can get very loud, in big halls the noise will just echo and the children will find it hard to hear!

Click on the downloadable PDF’s below for Party Invites, Party Tips and a range of local venues…

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