What is your word?

Your chosen magic word is unique to you

Carry your magic word bracelet with you every day to inspire you, encourage you and to remind you that you are brilliant, you are enough and you are magic!


STEP 1: Start with a Question

Choose one or two of the following questions and jot down the first words that come to mind:

  • What’s a goal of yours?
  • What brings you joy?
  • Is there something you want to let go of?
  • Is there something you want to improve?
  • What energises you or makes you feel like your true self?

STEP 2: Develop

What’s holding you back from achieving the answers in step 1?

What word, as a daily reminder would help you achieve what you seek from step 1?

For example, if you want to start something new, but have some doubts you’d like to overcome, you could choose a word such as BELIEVE, COURAGE, or IGNITE.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed you may choose a reminder like BREATHE, STRENGTH or FAITH.


STEP 3: Identify your Word

You may have come up with a few words, and that’s OK, but what is the one word that is the most important, the priority, to begin working on today?

Declare out loud:

My word is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

My Magic Word Bracelet has been a really huge uplifting thing in my life & business – always reminding me that “I am enough”.
When you have a limiting belief like that, it’s hard to sometimes snap yourself out of that way of thinking, but having a token reminder on your wrist every day, it’s a lovely way to readjust your mindset & to regain focus.

I’m not much of a jewellery person but I LOVE the simplicity of the bracelets & the gorgeous meaning behind them.

For me it’s also a confidence booster because reminding myself I am enough gives me the drive to achieve the things I think I sometimes can’t achieve.

They’re such a lovely gift for someone too – I actually got my sister & her partner one with their newly born daughter’s name on & they’ve not taken them off in 6 months. They’re in love with it.

It’s such a sentimental gift where you can have anything hand stamped on & knowing it has been hand stamped adds the extra special magic to it.

I’ve had two bracelets – one saying “I am enough” and another saying “Plenty” – a word to remind me that I can have, do & achieve PLENTY in 2020 & boy have I done that!

I’ve had my best year in business, but also fallen pregnant & had an abundance of love in relationships & new friendships.

I’d say they’re a great good luck charm too!!

Kimberley Banner – Social Media Manager


My word is: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for my Magic Word Bracelet !
It really is a game changer !

I had seen quite a few posts on your social media how they made a difference to people’s lives , attitudes, and motivation.  As we all know the last few months have been difficult for everyone at the beginning of lockdown I was enthusiastic to get out in the fresh air , walking and exercising but after a while I was losing this enthusiasm as we were just getting more and more negative news around Covid and the new normal and things started to close down again , this was having a negative impact on my wellbeing , so after following your daily lives and motivational posts I decided to order my magic word bracelet which is I AM , I CAN , I WILL .  Since receiving this I have returned to walking every morning whatever the weather and increasing my steps from around 7-8k to 18-20k daily as I AM going to do this for myself , I CAN do whatever I set my mind to and I WILL achieve my goals , only I can do this for myself but with the help of the magic word bracelet it really does give me back the enthusiasm to get going again. I have not taken it off since receiving it !  I thought they were just for children at first but I would definitely recommend them for adults too ! Thank you for being so motivational and uplifting in these difficult times . Keep spreading the magic…..

Lots of Love , Sparkles & Magic 

Becs xx 

I would not go anywhere without my magic word bracelet!!

I suffered quite severely with my mental health having OCD and a colleague recommended getting a magic word bracelet. I did a workshop with Lucy and her passion and enthusiasm was contagious! I was at my lowest point and decided I would try it out – and I’m so glad I did!

I truly believe in the magic of my word ‘I can’ and having it on my wrist means I can look at it any time I need to. It has helped me believe in myself and I really believe it has helped me get in control of my mind again. It has been invaluable in my recovery and I think everybody should have a magic word!


Get your Magic Word Bracelet Today!


I chose my word determined initially because I wanted to feel and look better for my friends wedding! My word has helped me on my journey…

  • Determined to run 10k in under 1h
  • Determined to lose weight
  • Throughout lockdown I made another decision of determined to be less stressed…which resulted in determined to get a new job.

I never take my bracelet off, I will turn it every morning which sets my mindset for the day!

I also have a new word Brave which helps me get out of my comfort zone!

Magic word bracelets are a real conversation starter! It’s really helped me achieve some positive changes!

Thanks Lucy

Liz Pickford

Magic Mindset Masterclass


This is a BRILLIANT booster, for if…⠀⠀

  • You have been feeling like you’re not always positive
  • You lack motivation
  • You feel you need some inspiration
  • You lack confidence
  • You lack self-belief
  • You want to learn more about mindset
  • You have children & you’d like to introduce them to positive mindset techniques

I created this because I want to help the masses just like I helped myself with my own anxiety. I know these tools help & I would love to share them with you!

It’s all based around the Magic Word Bracelet and by the end of the session you’ll have a word that you have chosen that is:

  • Unique to you
  • Inspiring to you
  • Uplifting for you

This is suitable for children & adults. It’s fun & positive