15 Minutes of PURE FUN on your doorstep!!!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Suitable for a special occasion, birthday, wedding (all ages!) good behaviour, cheering someone up!

Enjoy a personalised visit from Louby Lou which includes:

💫 Magic

🎶 Louby Lou Song

🎷 Saxophone

🐰 Roger Rabbit
🎁 Special Gift – Louby Lou Doll, Roger the Rabbit, Louby Lou Mug or a Magic Word Bracelet.

This service really is for any age!

Louby Lou will brighten up all your street with her Jazzed up Musical van & her friendly smile.

Starting at £70

(You can also add extra gifts for just £10 each)


Upgrade your ‘GIGGLES ON WHEELS’ to 30 MINUTES!

You get extra GIGGLES, games and dancing with extra prizes/gifts!

Price starts at £100

I perform 1 & 2 hour shows depending on the customers preference.

This can be done in garden, house or venue, the restrictions depend on the local authority.
For house or garden, the guidelines are 6 families (bubble), depending on local restrictions.

Louby Lou has her 3 metres by 4.5 metres Magical Tent for the garden as an extra option.

When looking for a venue, either village hall, club, pub they will have their own Covid 19 secure risk assessment. Its best to contact them to see how many guests you can invite.

My shows fun packed with the Louby Lou dance, great party games, magic and the amazing puppet, Roger the Rabbit & special saxophone performance by Louby Lou. Loads of prizes & a special Louby Lou doll or Rabbit for the Birthday child, plus a Magic Word Bracelet.

All my cost are priced at local rate, anything over 3 miles there will be a travel cost added.

The 1 Hour Show Structure

Louby Lou starts by sitting the children down & welcoming everyone to the party with the birthday child.

This makes them feel so special!!

The first 40 minutes will include magic tricks, slap stick comedy & actively involve the children with party games & singing competitions.

The final 20 minutes will involve dancing with Louby Lou on Saxophone.

Prices start at £295

Our daughter is quite shy normally around new people but it only took Loubylou a few minutes to make her feel confident enough to have a great time at her party with all her friends. The parents were very impressed too.
Thank you Loubylou for giving Tilly a party she hasn’t stopped telling people about since.

Susan Harding

Thank you for a fantastic performance at Alex’s birthday party. I was inundated with comments afterwards about how excellent everyone thought the show was and how well you gripped the children. I have had texts since from parents whose children are talking about you non-stop! It was superb.
Thank you so much.
Eluned Oliver

The 2 Hour Show Structure

A catch the bubble entrance – a child’s favourite, getting the children involved straight away!

Same as the 1 hour show structure & then there is a 20 minute break for party food & birthday cake which Louby Lou will be happy to assist.

Whilst the children are eating Louby Lou will setup up her amazing disco lights, lasers for the second half of the party!

The second half of my show is non-stop partying with Dancing & fun games, where every child gets a prize. They are all winners!!!

Along with her amazing Balloon Modelling.

Starting at £395

Hi louby Lou, thank you so much for making Anastasia birthday party one to remember…. She is still talking about you now! And so am I… Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Thanks again!

Liza Clark xxx

Thank you so much for entertaining the children last night. You were, as always, amazing and loved by all. There’s a battle going on in our house over the Louby Lou doll! ?

Jane Taylor xxx

Super Duper Show

All of the above WITH…

LOUBY LOU’S MAGICAL PURPLE TENT 3 metres by 4.5 metres option

  • Party Assistant
  • Louby Lou Dance
  • Roger The Rabbit
  • Games
  • Lots of Brilliant Prizes
  • Happy Birthday on the Saxophone
  • Louby Lou Doll or Rabbit for the Birthday Child
  • Disco with Lasers & Lights
  • Glow Sticks for all the children
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Snow Machine
  • Plus Louby Lou’s Mega Party Bags

Starting at £450

Louby-Lou-Saxophone (1)

1 Hour of Pure Fun and Giggles

For any age or event.


Louby Lou will keep you entertained with:

💫 Magic

🎶 Louby Lou Song

🎷 Saxophone

🐰 Roger Rabbit
🎁 Special Gift

🎉 Loads of games

💌 Fun prizes

This service really is for any age! Louby Lou will brighten up anyone’s day with her friendly smile.

She also runs a Magic Mindset Masterclass with her Magic Word Bracelet this is perfect for inspiring your work place or anyone who needs some extra magic.

Starting at £150