Birthday Parties

I perform 1 and 2 hour shows depending on the customers preference and I can adapt the party to cater for any children’s age.

My mission is to make the birthday child the star of the show as it is their special day and I want it to be one that they remember.

The birthday child helps me throughout the show with magic, singing and games and their reward is a FREE Louby Lou doll!!! …..which they treasure forever!!!

At the end of the show all the children receive a quality gift as I always like to treat them.

My shows are fun packed with great party games, dancing, comedy, magic and the amazing puppet, Roger the Rabbit, who provides guaranteed laughs for all the audience.

You really do have every child eating out of the palm of your hand.


The 1 Hour Show Structure

Louby Lou starts by sitting the children down and welcoming everyone to the party with the birthday child. This makes them feel so special!! The first 40 minutes will include magic tricks, slap stick comedy and actively involve the children with party games and singing competitions.

The final 20 minutes will involve dancing to Louby Lou’s dance routines with the use of her favourite instruments!!

The 2 Hour Show Structure

Louby Lou will meet and greet the children as they arrive to the party encouraging them to catch her famous Magic Bubbles. This gets the children involved straight away!!

As with the 1 hour show Louby Lou will  sit the children down and welcome everyone to the party with the birthday child to make them feel so special!! The next 40 minutes will include magic tricks, slap stick comedy and actively involve the children with party games and singing competitions.

There will then be a 20 minute break for party food and birthday cake which Louby Lou will be happy to assist. Whilst the children are eating Louby Lou will setup up her amazing disco lights and lasers for the second half of the party!

……The second half of my show is non stop partying which involves dancing and fun games, where every child gets a prize. They are all winners!!!

I like to mix traditional games namely musical bumps and statues, with games I have created myself, and if we have enough time I love to finish off with my amazing balloon modelling skills!!!

I am happy to perform my parties in any venue whether it be a club, church hall or house party………..it all depends on what suits you!!

Visit my VENUE page for a handy list of local venues.

Every child leaves the party full of fun!!

For stress free party tips please visit my TOP TIPS page.


Louby Lou always likes to put lots of dance routines in her shows as both boys and girls are just so happy when they are dancing!!  The music collection is endless from tots music to the current releases, but she always like to throw in an old classic  for the parents…….. Boogie Wonderland!!!!


For a magical party your child will never forget…

Simply complete the Enquiry Form with your details and i’ll be in touch to confirm your booking!


Party Bags

Louby Lou’s Fantastic Party Bags takes the stress out of your party and it’s a nice finish as she can give them all out with the birthday child, which make them feel very special!

You only pay for the party bags you use so there is no waste! They are tailored made for boys and girls from baby’s to teens!

Sweetie cones can be made to suit any theme, if you have something in mind – please ask!!

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